Temperature monitoring systems

about temperature monitoring systems in Australia

about temperature monitoring systems in Australia

temperature monitoring systems i-temp.com.au

Some CLIENTS That Use i-temp & monnit systems

Subway USA
USA Army
Little Caesars USA

Wyndham Hotels

Nestle Purina

Alaskan Energy Authority

Dairy Queen

Yale, Michigan, Columbia & Utah University's

US Federal Drug Authority

Chick Fillet USA

Zaxby's USA

Coolum Surf Club
Noosa Yacht Club
Tewantin Noosa RSL

Noosa Golf Club

Tweed Heads Bowls Club

Palm Beach Surf Club

Kingscliff Bowls Club

Meals on Wheels Noosa

Northcliffe Surf Club

+many more businesses joining the team regularly 


i-temp.com.au   temperature monitoring system is a division of Commercial Kitchen Design. It is the result of over twenty five years industry experience in the hospitality and food service industry.

We have found a constant trend over the years towards an increased focus on food safety, compliance and record keeping. Constant feedback and engagement with industry lead us to provide a cost effective solution to operators.

i-temp.com.au provides a level of data monitoring and reporting that is simply not possible to replicate manually , both in accuracy and detail but importantly financially. 

Clients that engage our service for their solution are taking a proactive position in food safety and quality assurance for their operations, they understand the importance of monitoring, recording systems.

We have identified a way using inexpensive modern technology that can ease some of that pressure of running a professional food service operation. Automated temperature monitoring and alert and data logging systems can save stock loss, save labour costs preparing lost foods and assist in maximizing shelf life of perishable foods by ensuring correct food storage temperatures are being met. 

The system takes gives time back to operators in meeting this part of their food safety compliance by automatically preparing weekly reports.

Implementing an i-temp system is cheaper than not implementing it!

"You cannot manually monitor and record a food storage system for less than what i-temp costs, its physically and financially impossible.

itemp.com.au provides  you with an 'Independent, Auditable, Automatic' system of monitoring and logging your food storage temperatures every 30 minutes, 24/7 365 days of the year, providing peace of mind insurance that you have your food temperature storage side of your business and food safety plan under control, starting at $1 per day per unit, or if you think your up to it, Purchase a 'DIY Package'

This technology is common place in food processing, food manufacturing, producers, distributors and suppliers. Most large supermarket groups have these types of systems in place. The Food sector in the USA, UK and Europe are also experienced with these types of systems, it's only here in Australia that we are starting to understand the importance and value of such systems.

Leading into 2017, we have partnered with one the USA's largest and most successful manufacturers of this technology, MONNIT with solutions for all situations and a massive resource pool of back up support and highly secure encrypted IT systems. The system is trusted by Major corporations like USA Army, several Major franchise groups and various USA government agencies.

We have modeled the service as a Subscription based fee (monthly) to spread the costs to ensure affordability for all sectors of the industry to outsource the initial set up and training  It also ensures you are always up to date with best technology and ongoing service, covers the costs of all text message alerts, replacement batteries, replacement sensors as required, training new staff all included in the monthly fee.  

This service is our 'corporate' service and is preferred by most medium to large organisations, such as Clubs, Health/Aged Care and Franchise, Multi site groups.

When you partner with us, you partner with one of the biggest players in this field, but with local representation and support at a hands on ground level, who understands hospitality and food service from ground floor up.

For Small Business we have our DIY kits available. Ideal for small Restaurants, Butchers and other operators that are prepared to learn how to do the installations, set ups and IT programming required to get a system up and running themselves , pay for your alert text credits and maintain your own system 100% in house. There is an option also to have us come and do the set up for you.

i-temp.com.au is an Australian family owned Business.