Temperature monitoring systems

Automated temperature monitoring, Save Time, Money and Reputation

temperature data logging

Automated temperature monitoring saves time, money and reputation

Automated temperature monitoring, alerts and reports

Automated temperature monitoring, alerts and reports

The i-temp.com.autemperature monitoring system uses wireless technology, internet cloud servers and mobile App technologies to accurately, monitor and record your food storage temperatures.

Should a system fail or fall outside of your guidelines Alerts are sent to your teams Phones and Emails giving you the opportunity to save your precious stock before it's too late. 

I-temp.com.au  stores all your temperature data on line, for access anywhere 24/7/365 and then prepares a weekly report  emailed directly to you for your food safety data recording obligations. Saving you more time and money.

The technology not only can be used in the Food Service industry but in many other sectors also, Horticulture, Agriculture and Building management systems to name a few.